Mego Toys

Location: New York
Business Type: Collectible Toy Company

Mego Toys, one of the world’s premier toy development companies, was looking to make a significant market resurgence after regaining the licensing rights to their intellectual property. As a result, the President contacted us to update their website, developed and maintained by a Mego fan base.

The site was built in WordPress so migrating to a new host was quick and straightforward. Unfortunately, the theme was not properly licensed and not very customizable. We recommended a site redo utilizing the Divi theme. Mego was contemplating selling their figures through their site; we also incorporated WooCommerce and set up each figure as if it could eventually be purchased online by customers.

We created custom hero section images for each category page and created a taxonomy based on genre and series. We edited all product images in Photoshop to remove backgrounds and to be appropriately sized.

This project took a total of 3 months from the start to launch. It is currently active but not maintained as Mego is currently working out their future strategy. Thankfully they are doing very well and looking to take things to the next level.

Services Provided

WordPress Migration – Site Design – Traffic Analysis – Content Creation – Image Editing – WooCommerce


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