Fishhawk Pizza

Location: Lithia, FL
Business Type: Italian Restaurant

Fishhawk Pizzeria’s website was outdated and hosted by a third-party consulting company. The new owners wanted more control over their site content and added features not available on their current site.

We were contacted by the new owner and asked to design a modern website that incorporated a full menu, updated images, and a small bio.

We agreed to use WordPress as the content management system as well as the Divi theme. Since the budget was tight, we found a free, actively maintained restaurant plugin designed specifically for pizza stores.

The restaurant owners also hosted special events, including comedy and karaoke nights. We used a free events calendar plugin to display new and recurring events on the site.

When the site was completed, approved, and launched, we sent all passwords to the owners to make future changes. We gave a short instructional session on adding menu items, events, and other content changes.

Services Provided

WordPress Implementation – Navigation Customization – Food Menu and Events Calendar Implementation – Training


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About West To East Consulting

About West to East

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Customer Service is #1

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