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Location: Roslyn Heights, New York
Business Type: Luxury Home Design Center

Classic Kitchen &  Bath already understood the power of WordPress. Their web consultant fell ill and was no longer able to provide service. We were contacted to provide support to multiple sites as well as promote their business on Social Media and Seach Engines through ongoing SEO and pay campaigns. We did a complete redesign of which improved the entire overall user experience (UX). We also incorporated WooCommerce to act as a product catalog as well as lay the foundation for a future e-commerce store. As there were multiple websites promoting the same things, we convinced the Boico Design Group to consolidate their efforts into one site and one marketing campaign.

Services Provided

WordPress Migration – Site Design – Traffic Analysis – Content Creation – Press Releases – Marketing Video – SEO – SEM – Social Media Marketing and Management


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About West To East Consulting

About West to East

West to East Consulting is a privately owned IT Consulting company based out of Tampa, Florida. We specialize in providing technical support, design, repair, and installations for home and small businesses. We also specialize in WordPress design and implementation, digital marketing, site analytics, and ad campaigns.

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Customer Service is #1

Customer Service is #1

Customer service and communication are just as - if not more -  important than the final product. At West to East Consulting, we believe in having an open line of communication throughout every project lifecycle.

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