Cost-Effective Information Technology Services

For the Home & Small Business

Having worked with many enterprise technology assets and resources, we can provide a wide selection of Information Technology services and solutions.

Web services include:

  • WordPress Design & Development
  • Site Migrations
  • Website Support, Security & Maintenance
  • Digital Ads & Analytics

vCIO services include:

  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Information Security
  • Disaster Prevention & Recovery
  • Desktop Repair
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Vendor Management
  • Policy and Procedure Development

Training services include:

  • One on One / Departmental
  • Basic and Advanced Computing
  • Microsoft Windows & Office
  • Mac Operating Systems
  • American Sign Language and more


IT Services

Get in touch! Let us know your biggest IT challenges and we’ll discuss how we can help.


About West To East Consulting

About West to East

West to East Consulting is a privately owned IT Consulting company based out of Tampa, Florida. We specialize in providing technical support, design, repair, and installations for home and small businesses. We also specialize in WordPress design and implementation, digital marketing, site analytics, and ad campaigns.

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Our Philosophy


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Customer Service is #1

Customer Service is #1

Customer service and communication are - if not more -  important than the final product. At West to East Consulting, we believe in having an open line of communication throughout every project lifecycle.