Customer Satisfaction

“Listened to My Needs”

I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with Jeremy’s work. He listened to my needs and I gave him free range to completely redesign my website and it looks great! He created a website that is easy to navigate for my customers, SEO friendly, and increases visibility to potential customers. Jeremy is knowledgeable, shows professionalism and is always available if I ever have a question. I highly recommend using West to East Consulting for all of your business needs. A+ service! Customer Satisfaction

Kimberly Urso

Owner, FishHawk Pizza

“Amazing Resource for our Medical Practice”

Jeremy has been an amazing resource for our medical practice. We have used him for all of our IT related needs for the last 3 years. Our office demands a reliable network for our business to run efficiently. Jeremy is always available to troubleshoot issues that may arise and has come in after hours to help us as well. His response time is very much appreciated. He is very knowledgeable about how to set up a secure network and maintain it. We have required different equipment over the years to meet our needs and he has always assisted us not only in just ordering, but also installing what we need. In addition, he has helped us on improving our website and working on our SEO. We are very pleased with the complete and personalized IT services he provides to us.
Customer Satisfaction

Dr. Nazneen Noorani

Physician, Noorani Medical Center

“Used his Marketing Knowledge to Help Mold Content”

As my business has grown over the past few years, I have had several renditions of my website. By the time I met Jeremy, my website needed some serious help. He helped me navigate the technical aspects of course, but he also used his marketing knowledge to help mold content that both reflected my purpose and made what I offered very clear for potential patients. I have received dozens of compliments about the site he created and of course lots of traffic! On top of his professionalism, Jeremy is an all-around nice guy and someone I looked forward to working with. I would recommend West to East Consulting, without reservation, to anyone needing web design services. Customer Satisfaction

Dr. Debra Gambrell


“Put Together Exactly What We Wanted”

Our website had not been updated in quite some time. It had our old business address information, no examples of current projects and a very outdated company profile. Not to mention a very old and unprofessional look. We knew it was time to upgrade but we really didn’t want anything too excessive – we just wanted a clean site to send potential clients to see examples of our work and get more information on the business. I guess we really just wanted a digital brochure.

I reached out to Jeremy from West to East Consulting as I knew of him from my neighborhood back in Tampa and he quickly responded with a reasonable proposal and a rather fast timeline.

Not only did Jeremy put together exactly what we wanted but he even made some suggestions that we hadn’t thought of to help add to the site. I now use it to show all my potential clients examples of our work, especially those out of state.

Also, he was able to remoted into a few of our laptops and helped us with some email problems.Customer Satisfaction

Michael Cummins

Pursuit Builders, Inc

“They Go the Extra Mile”

In today’s reality, it is essential to navigate and maximize all that technology has to offer. I was wasting time struggling to do that on my own until I worked with the professionals at w2e. They have the unique ability to explain things in the language and at a pace that is tailored to me. Their founder has helped me understand the fundamentals and more advanced applications that have greatly assisted me. I continue to use their services as the landscape changes with life. I highly recommend using West to East Consultants. They go the extra mile to help you accomplish your goals and succeed.

M. Kaye

Independent Business Psychologist

“Delivery of the Project was Done On-Time”

AAA New York State is a legislative association whose membership includes five New York State AAA Clubs. This legislative association’s principal mission is to act collectively on behalf of 2.7 million AAA Club Members to promote traffic safety in New York State. West to East Consultants, LLC (formerly North Shore Data) helped us get the point across via our new website quickly and without major delay or investment. Their expertise in Drupal CMS made it seem easy enough for our association to have a professional-looking site while taking advantage of our hosting Club to easily maintain without major impact. The delivery of the project was done on-time and their supporting documentation for the user as well as the administrator made it effortless for our non-technical personnel. We believe that the ROI on AAA New York State’s website has more than satisfied our association’s need and achieved our goals with our audience. We could not have been happier with the work performed by West to East. 
Customer Satisfaction

David Pierri

Webmaster, AAA

“Brought My Concept to Reality”

West to East (they were North Shore Data at the time) was the 1st and last place that I turned to for my IT solutions. When I needed a website set up fast, they were there to help bring my concept into reality. They have the expertise and the personal touch that you will not find with any other IT firm. 

Customer Satisfaction

Bryan Rivera

New York City Council Candidate, Queens, NY

“Price Was Very Reasonable”

My husband is the owner of a contracting company here in Port Washington, NY. I am the bookkeeper/business manager and maintain operations from within my home office. I worked with North Shore Data (before they were named w2e) in the past and was very happy with the service I received. When the first warning popped up on my PC regarding the end of Windows XP, I panicked and called Jeremy right away. He reassured me that I would be ok but suggested I consider upgrading in the very near future. He made some suggestions regarding what would suit my needs and I ran out and bought a whole new PC set-up. I then scheduled some time with w2e to set up my new computer. Not only did they completely set-up my new machine and move all my old files, they also say on the phone with Intuit for 45 minutes getting the necessary registration information for my version of Quickbooks. The price was very reasonable for the time and effort that was put in. I would definitely use them in the future. 

Petra Windhesuser

Manager, Roxburry Construction

“Incredibly Responsive”

West to East is the most dependable, responsive and professional IT consulting firm with whom I’ve worked. Their professionalism, attention to detail and responsive support is a huge part of the operations of my business. West to East was incredibly responsive when we encountered systems troubles and worked closely with our team to ensure a timely and cost-effective solution and explained to us, in great detail, what was happening so that we were always notified. It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend West to East. 

Customer Satisfaction

Josh Miller

Vice President, Xeleum Lighting

“Got My Site Up and Running”

A number of years ago, I had contracted a consulting team to build me a new website as the one I was using was very outdated. For whatever reason, we were just never able to get the site launched. I asked Jeremy from West to East Consulting if he thought he could take what the other company started and actually get it live. Without blinking an eye, Jeremy said it would be no problem and got right to work. After securing the necessary files, Jeremy set up hosting, made the necessary changes and got my site up and running. I was a little skeptical at first because in the past – when we launched a new site – we were literally knocked out of the search engines the very next day. Not this time. Jeremy also assisted us with the re-configuring all my desktops and mobile devices for the new email provider. I wasn’t happy with some of the design elements, in particular, the menu – I asked Jeremy if it would be possible to restructure some aspects of the site. Within a few days, the site was updated to my liking. Unfortunately, Google started to announce that sites that weren’t mobile friendly would be penalized in the search rankings. Jeremy found a few templates that were close to what I wanted. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted as I had mocked up a sample design in Photoshop – Jeremy was able to make my design come to life and make my vision a reality. The site has been live now for a few weeks and I continue to receive compliments on a daily basis. 

Customer Satisfaction

Jay Zellman

Owner, Corporate Video Concepts

“Integrity and Trustworthiness”

If you value integrity and trustworthiness in addition to knowledge, talent, and skill, Jeremy is for you. He’s fantastic! My (very new) business was basically on life support, suffering the illness from bad tech advice. Not only has Jeremy rescued and reworked it (still in progress), but his work and the way he simply is as a person convey his genuine care for his clients and their businesses. I just wish I’d found him sooner!

Customer Satisfaction 

Dr. Diane Shelton

Professional Psychologist, Lithia, Florida

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About West to East

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Customer Service is #1

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